A Pride and Prejudice Card Game

Art, design, and promotion of my new card game based Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.



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Casting The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay: Deputy Coroner Humphries

I didn’t really write The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay with actors in mind, but occasionally I like to consider an actor, because it helps me find a character’s voice. In this case, we have Deputy Coroner Humphries, who is analogous to Unferth (or Hunferth, or Unfrith) in the Beowulf saga. Unferth is a jerk; he’s part of King Hrothgar’s retainer and spends most of the story taunting Beowulf. In the Neil Gaiman-penned animated feature, he becomes an annoying bible-thumper, as well. In The Beast of Wolfe’s Bay, Humphries is the forensics guy working with the Heorot County Sheriff’s department to discover the killer of the obnoxious frat boys from the prologue. He’s got his work cut out for him, too, because the evidence seems to point to a non-human attacker. Anyway, who is better at portraying likable, jerkish smart guys than the great Wil Wheaton? From the evil version of himself on Big Bang Theory, to his work as Dr. Parish on Eureka and Fawkes on The Guild, Wheaton was actually my inspiration when finding the voice of Humphries. Once I figured that out, writing him was smooth sailing.


'Whom are you going to dance with?' asked Mr. Knightley. 
She hesitated a moment, and then replied, ‘With you, if you will ask me.’
'Will you?' said he, offering his hand.
'Indeed, I will'.

@mindykaling: Get ready #themindyproject

@mindykaling: Get ready #themindyproject

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greenstar910 requested: Lizzie’s face when she hears Darcy say his feelings for her only grew.

that kiss though

William Darcy + style

Including hits like “bow ties are cool”, “hipster glasses” and “carry your pocket watch like it’s 1813”.

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Marrying Mr. Darcy - the Card Game


I want to play this so bad!

peroxidepirate said: φ - Post your Tumblr Crushes and ≡ - Most recent game played.


My tumblr crushes… OMG, this is frightening.  Chances are if I’ve spoken to you or followed you, I’m slightly Tumblr-crushing. 

But here are a few:

hornkerling (Tumblr, RL, whatever), orchis, errandofmercy, viriadeformed-globule, spadeart, YOU, awhileanyway

As for the last game I played… that’s a very cruel question to ask a gamer.  Let’s see:

In general: 2048, on my phone this morning

RPG: Numenéra (I play a mad nano who travels through time!)

Video game: Civilization Revolution

Card game: Marrying Mr. Darcy (cannot recommend it highly enough). or maybe Splendor?

Board game: Tzolk’in